Complete Coordinate Remote Viewing – Stages 1 to 6

This is our foundational online course which will guide you through the protocols and theory behind Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). It is your first step into understanding our connection to the matrix of all things. As you begin to practice and step into your mind’s eye you quickly experience a greater understanding that we are more than our physical bodies. You will go from believing to knowing.

Coordinate Remote Viewing is defined by the Defense Department of the United States as “the learned ability to transcend time and space, to view people, places and things remote in time and space, and to gather information on the same.

Students learn to enter an altered state of consciousness, receive a set of encrypted coordinates, produce an ideogram (the first graphic representation of the target site), and decode the ideogram. Further, students learn to perceive textures, sounds, colors, tastes, smells, temperatures, “energetics” and “dimensionals” from across a chasm of time and space. With new and developing “non-physical eyes” the student “perceives” the target and sketches visual “snapshots” of distant and fleeting images. In later stages, sketches become detailed perspective drawings called “renderings,” and students often feel they have actually “bi-located” to the target site.

The Coordinate Remote Viewing process consists of six stages and our online course covers each of them.

Extended Remote Viewing

Once you have an understanding of the theory and structure behind Coordinate Remote Viewing, the next step in your journey is our signature Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) online course.

Extended Remote Viewing is designed to guide students through the application of a hybrid form of Remote Viewing. It is knowledge or “knowing” based instruction. This means that the basic ERV student has moved to a new level of understanding what we call ‘the matrix of all creation”; accepting one’s concepts as being “knowledge” and not merely “belief” based.

ERV is an experience that Remote Viewing students call “Learning to Fly” because of the overwhelming sensation of free flight and movement felt during the session.

Without the rigorous protocols and structure inherent to CRV, the session environment differs substantially. Students are taught to traverse through the Alpha brain-wave state used in CRV and enter the ethereal fog of the collective unconscious in the “Theta” brain-wave state; called “Ultra Deep” in the lexicon of the Remote Viewer. Students are calibrated on measurable targets as well as literally being sent to view other civilizations, worlds and dimensions.

Embarking on these journeys requires a mastery of CRV protocols and the demonstrated understanding of the true nature of one’s co-creator qualities. In basic ERV, students discover that the journey inward is an exploration of the infinite reaches of eternal consciousness, and that “knowing” oneself is in reality “knowing “ the Creator. Therefore, this “knowing” which transcends “belief” reinforces one’s understanding of the potentially significant contributions each of us makes to the outcome of our collective human destiny.

At the conclusion of each journey, students record their sensory perception in the form of written session summaries, augmenting them with detailed sketches of the target site.

The online courses include:

  • All six stages of the Coordinate Remote Viewing method
  • The Extended Remote Viewing method
  • Streaming audio lessons by David Morehouse
  • Downloadable cool down and pink noise CDs
  • Visual aids and video material
  • Exclusive lecture content by David Morehouse
  • Email and phone support for training assistance
  • These courses are ongoing and may be joined at any time