There’s a power that very few people know how to harness—David Morehouse knows the way. He can teach it to anyone with the will and desire to learn.

Anthony Robbins, Author of Awaken the Giant Within & Unlimited Power

Through his pioneering work with Remote Viewing, David Morehouse is mapping the future of consciousness in the west, a merging of scientific rigor and spiritual possibility that anyone can access.

Deepak Chopra, Author of How to Know God

David Morehouse has shown us how a tool made for war can become a path of spiritual transformation.  He has shown the courage to walk in the way of peace.

Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The Four Agreements

Remote Viewing is real, David Morehouse is real, and you should let both be a new beginning for you.  Let your soul open up as broad as the night sky of the universe; and let it strengthen you. Trust what you hear from David Morehouse because he is living his life to transform this planet.  I am very much a believer in the nature and power of the Remote Viewing training that David gives to people, and I know of the empowerment of his message.  His message is about taking control of our own destiny, individual and collective; it is about taking responsibility for our own lives; it is about living rightly and in integrity so that we might empower others to make the right decisions at the right times.  David is masterfully creating the ability for his students to appreciate and understand the multidimensional nature of this existence and their role in it, using a non local perspective of the universe, a quantum perspective embracing the science of the spirit. 

Dannion Brinkley, Author/ Lecturer, “Saved by the Light”

Perhaps as a result of my profession in technology strategies and my educational background (when I did my Master’s Degree in Management Science it focused largely on the quantitative analytic process), I tend to be skeptical and want to see proof. However, I also always endeavor to not make up my mind prematurely.  Although the progression from skepticism to believing that Remote Viewing might actually be possible is a big one, the step from believing in it to knowing that Remote Viewing works based on one’s own experience is the real key.

As anyone who has experienced Remote Viewing first hand knows, it allows us to gather information from targets that are distant in time and space. If we take this as a given, then it is only logical that it can be used to gain insight into other questions, even those of a very personal nature. As a result Remote Viewing can be used as a tool for self discovery, increased awareness, transformation of self and even to effect a transformation of the world around us.

Just as the businessman or police detective who has run out of new ideas or leads to follow up might use Remote Viewing, so too spiritual searchers who are looking for clues can use Remote Viewing. I experienced the discovery of these clues and the resulting heightened awareness of self and environment and have seen and learned things about myself and the world around me that I believe I would otherwise never know.

And it is not just inward looking sessions that can have a profound effect, when you experience your consciousness existing in two (or more) places simultaneously your concept of the nature of our own existence cannot help but be somehow altered. Not every Remote Viewer feels ready for these revelations, or the resulting transformations, when they happen, but they are experiences that few, if any, Remote Viewers ever regret.

David Hughes, Vice President Technology Strategies—Sony and David Morehouse Master Remote Viewing Graduate

David Morehouse is a wonderful author, who tells a wonderful story; another Cold War warrior who has carried his sense of mission into the present.

Thomas C. Reed, Secretary of the Air Force (Retired)
*Note: Secretary Reed has been the Director of National Reconnaissance, a Special Assistant to President Regan for National Security Policy, and a consultant to the Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where much of the country’s nuclear weapons research takes place.

I attended David Morehouse’s Remote Viewing course in Duesseldorf, Germany, and I have to say that my life really is different.  I know, perhaps for the first time, that everything is on purpose, and that everything is interconnected.  I know more than ever that we are capable of far more, intellectually, academically, and creatively than we have been led to believe is possible—and this knowledge came to me from David’s course.  During the training in Germany, it was so obvious that Remote Viewing works.  As David said he would do, he offered irrefutable and undeniable evidence that we are capable of seeing persons, places and things over great distances, even backward in time.  It was amazing, and we are all in awe of the results.  It was an unforgettable experience for me and my wife, and we both carry the energy we experienced in this beautifully taught class every day of our lives.  Thank you David Morehouse.

Alexander Schottky, Actor

Remote Viewing transformed my life in a very big way. I am a young musician; a song writer and performer, working for a very large industry icon in New York. I am expected to produce material at a rate commensurate with industry standards. Anyone who works in the music industry understands the constant need to embrace that creative savant aspect, in order to produce quality material. As a music artist, I have been trying to figure out where that natural creativity in me comes from. I have always believed that it came from somewhere beyond my physical self, outside of my experiences; clearly from something bigger than myself. As I say, I suspected this, but I needed to know for sure. I needed to know where my creativity comes from, and I needed a system by which to access it and harness it to my advantage. After taking David Morehouse’s Remote Viewing classes, it happened. I don’t just believe this vast creative ability exists anymore…  I now know that it does, and that is a very powerful place to be in my life.  The tools given me in this Remote Viewing class increased my music productivity from 5-8 songs per month, to over 35 songs; and, I secured my own recording contract on top of that. Concepts, awareness, knowledge, inspiration… insights that you always suspected were present, but lacked the skill set to tap into; these classes will give you the gift of knowing truth within yourself. If you truly want to transform your life, if you really want to hone the creative edge in your life, I highly recommend that you take this class, and that you take it from David Morehouse. Dr. Morehouse is the kindest, most insightful teacher I have ever experienced. You will leave his class with an incredible understanding of yourself, the universe, and your relationship to it. When you get down to it, we all believe in something, wouldn’t you really like to know how to be the very best you can be? How much better can life get, when you know how to live in the moment, with purpose and promise?

Beau Black, Song Writer